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Ferromagno is the union of my passion for design and the experience of generations of master craftsmen.


My characterful creations combine the use of exceptional artisanal techniques with the most noble materials, under the guidance of skilled hands and creative spirits.


All of my pieces are crafted entirely at our workshops in Spain - from the original idea up to final completion, together with my team I meticulously supervise the whole process.


Our work comprises one-of-a-kind objects, limited editions as well as commissioned pieces in the fields of furniture, decorative accents and architectural installations.


Andrea Di Carlo · Ferromagno Director

Towards Ancient Modernism...


I am passionate about furniture pieces with a strong character and a true essence. I adore noble & high quality materials, and I focus on exploring venerable techniques to outline a new chapter in the book of contemporary yet timeless design. In my view, creation must rise beyond function and transmute into a profound experience. 


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